Personal Growth Journal Prompt Day 1: Letting Go

Hello Girl Bosses! For today’s personal growth and well-being check I have decided to use a Journal Prompt to help us. In life, I have noticed that every time I had a moment of personal growth It involved letting something go. Learning how to let things go can be very difficult and throughout the process be very draining to ones emotions, but once you let what is dragging you down go you will feel the weight lift off of your shoulders and you will feel free. Free to move on, to live your life, to take steps forward or even be free to heal.

Journal Prompt:

What do I need to let go of?

There is something I have been holding onto my entire life and I think it is time I let it go. Fear is crippling and has made its way into every aspect of my life. I have noticed that the older I became the more fear started to fill into my body. First it was the fear of not being good enough, then came along the fear of failing. That all of my hard work is not going to pay off and one day I will look back and wonder what I should have done differently because the life I am living isn’t the one I want. Or being in a relationship that you are not able to fully be in and you try to figure out why everyday. It is the fear of things that you can not control and that frightens me because if I can’t control it then I don’t know what is going to happen.

Today, I am going to let go of my fear of failing, my fear of something going wrong, my fear of losing somebody I love, and my fear of things I can not control. I have spent too much time being afraid and looking over my shoulder. Today I am choosing to let it all go so that I can live the life I know I am supposed to live. I no longer want anything to hold me back. I am sick and tired of the chains I have tied myself too. Today I am going to find the key to set myself free. If there is one thing I can control it’s who I am and I choose to live my life. I am choosing to no longer be afraid so that I can continue to be the best person that I can be.

What are you going to let go of?


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