Making Space for Forgiveness

” Forgiveness does not change the past,

but it does enlarge the future”

– Paul Boese

Hello Girl Bosses! Everyone wants to be happy and we do everything in our power to try and find that happiness. We can reach as many goals as we want, buy all of the things we desire, jump into relationships, and move to different places. Except even with all the changes that we make right in front of us isn’t going to keep us happy if we do not learn how to experience our own inner peace. Now I am not talking about finding a permanent state of peace because that is almost impossible to find. When you forgive and I mean truly forgive, you will experience more freedom and light than you ever thought possible.

First: The most important part of learning how to forgive is forgiving yourself. You can not fully know the inner peace that you can have if you don’t start to forgive yourself first. You must learn to forgive all of the mistakes that you have made, hurt you have caused, and poor decisions you made. The list can go on and on but in order to heal we must learn forgiveness. We must remind ourselves of humanity because we are only human. Forgiveness frees us to be who we are and to be sorry, to make apologies to others and ourselves. We must move on and look forward and try to be better in the future. We can not live in our past mistakes, It is like living in a mental prison. You are the guard and you can let yourself out of that prison whenever you want.

Second: Forgiving others can be just as difficult. Sometimes we like to hold on to that hurt so we remember what it was like so we can avoid it in the future. Others hold on to the pain as motivation and drive to do things they wouldn’t normally in the right mental state. We latch on to the hurt for so many different reasons. Now I am not saying that you have to forgive anything or anyone. I am saying that forgiveness will help you get through the pain. It will not fix the pain, but it will relieve you of having to carry the burden of all of the anger, resentment, and revenge that you hold on top of the pain.

Forgive yourself for not wanting to forgive

Commit to practicing letting go

Focus on healing

Allow forgiveness to be a process

  • With the help from BE HAPPY by Dr.Rebecca Ray


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