Captivating your Goals

Hello Girl Bosses! I know that I have had at least a hundred different goals in my life, some that I was able to accomplish, and well others that I didn’t. I was able to learn the best ways to help me set and reach those goals by making sure they are realistic and doable with the time and resources that I have.

The reason I chose goals as todays Personal Growth Check, is because having goals shows our progress. It gives us something to strive for, it is out motivation and helps us be a better version of ourselves and tests our limits. Goals are a large part in being a Girl Boss, we test our limits, sometimes we fail, but in the end we get back and thrives like a strong women thrives.

When it comes to setting and reaching your goals, there are a lot of factors that go into play, so we must be SMART about it!

S – Specific

What do your goals look like? Do you want to start living a healthy life style, get a 4.0 gpa in school, get your dream job, or find a new hobby and learn a new skill? That’s wonderful! Be specific with your goals, the more information that you have and the more specific you get with your goal, the clearer the steps will be to get you there.

M – Meaningful

I personally find this step to be the most important step of all. If you are setting a goal that doesn’t mean anything to you, or doesn’t motivate you in anyway then you won’t be able to last long in the pursuit of this goal. You must choose something that interests and inspires you, something that in the end is going to make you a better you. If you have a goal that your are passionate about … then you are unstoppable!

A – Adaptive

Make sure that your goal is consistent with who you are and doesn’t challenge your values but aligns with them. You must ask yourself is this goal going to take my life in the right direction? or are you doing it for reasons that are not consistent with who you are and your identity?

R – Realistic

I would love to be able to say that we can do anything that we want to, but sometimes that is just unrealistic. I say this because if we choose goals that are too far out of reach and almost impossible to achieve then is starts to take away our motivation and that motivation is crucial. Set smaller goals and then work your way up to achieve the impossible, that helps keep the motivation up and the stress at bay. In the end don’t underestimate your potential, just make sure your goal is realistic.

T – Time Bound

I am a fan of deadlines. Deadlines keep me on track and organized to make sure that I accomplish everything that I want to accomplish. If you set your goal in an unlimited time frame it will be much harder to reach it. When you give yourself all of the time in the world to accomplish your goal, you start to lose the momentum to go on. It turns into an “I will do it tomorrow” everyday for the next couple of week or even months. Make sure you set your goal in an appropriate and achievable time frame.

A Month from now… You can either have had a month of progress OR A month of excuses of why you didn’t


– With the help of BE HAPPY by Dr. Rebecca Ray


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