Healthy Snacking for a Sweet Tooth!

Hello Girl Bosses! I am 100% a girl who would probably choose chocolate cake, apple pie, or a big bowl of strawberry ice cream with chocolate chips and whipped cream with a cone on the side, over a bag of carrots. Although, I am trying to get back to a healthy lifestyle and I have found a lot of great snack options that are absolutely delicious and I love them, just maybe not as much as chocolate cake. If you are a sweet tooth snacker like I am and trying to make healthier decisions I have just the snacks for you!


Yes, Rice cakes, they are absolutely delicious, healthy and low in calorie. There are a bunch of different types of rice cakes, but my favorite three are of course Chocolate, Apple Cinnamon and the plain old original rice cake. BUT you do not have to just eat a dry rice cake, here are some other options I use.

  • Chocolate Rice Cake with yogurt and fresh berries on top!
  • Original Rice Cake with mashed avocado, salt, pepper, and one sliced hard boiled egg on top. (More like a breakfast option!)
  • Apple Cinnamon Rice Cake with any kind of Fruit Jams with or without fresh fruit on top!

There are multiple different flavors and options to choose from. Mix and Match and find your new favorite snack!


Thats it! Just clean and put a couple of grapes into a bag and put them in the freezer, wait a couple of hours and then enjoy your yummy sweet snack!


I am a huge fan of these yogurt covered blueberries. I first found out about this on Pinterest and it has become one of my families favorite summer snacks. First you wash your blueberries, obvi, then you get any flavor yogurt that you like, I personally use vanilla. Then you dip and roll the blueberries around the yogurt and place them on a tray or plate and put them in the freezer until the yogurt is fully hard. Then you can put them all in a bowl and snack away!


Nothing can ever fully replace strawberry ice cream in my heart BUT this simple strawberry sherbet came very close. You only take a couple of frozen strawberries and put them in a blender until perfectly smooth. Then you it pour into a bowl and put it in the freezer. You don’t want it to get completely frozen, but just enough where you can scoop the sherbet and put it in a bowl. This a great snack on a warm summer night to enjoy with your family and friends.


This snack is a favorite of my Nana’s and is protein packed and filling. You want to cut up your apple and put Peanut Butter or Nutella on them, then you can put some crumbled up nuts and mini chocolate chips. It’s simple, delicious, filling and healthy.


This snack actually took me a little bit to acquire a taste for, but once I got the right recipe it was amazing. All you do is drain and dry a can of chick peas, place them on a tray and put them in the oven. Time may vary for how long they are in there, but you want them to be completely dried out. You can put any type of seasoning combinations that you like ( ex: Cinnamon Sugar) and enjoy!



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