Welcome Girl Bosses!

A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset

College Girl Here! I am current Undergraduate Student studying to one day become a Health Professional. In the meantime, I am a using my time and experience as a freelance writer to help my fellow college girls.

Hello girl bosses ! Here at College Girl Success I hope that you find all of the answers that you are looking for. I plan on posting about a variety of things that a college girl will face, go through, and experience. For starters, sex and relationships becomes a large part of being a college girl because you are now free, unsupervised, and meeting a lot of different people that will bring you great new experiences, which also brings a lot of questions. I will also be posting about how to stay healthy when in college so that we can try to stay away from that freshman 15 and keep in shape throughout the years. How can a blog be a blog without some how to’s, so that is why I will be posting those as well. How to pick a major, how to get a better GPA, how to study, how to get my roommate to stop being a slob and many more. Advice is also a very important aspect of this blog. I want to share my girly wisdom with all of you and give advice ranging from problems with a roommate, boy problems, academic concerns and personal problems experienced throughout college. Lastly, and most importantly, all things college is a big part of College Girl Success. I will posting about what to bring and to not bring to college, roommate situations, social situations, getting engaged on campus, transferring, gpa, majors and pretty much all things college! Overall, I want all my girl bosses to be happy and successful, and that is why I plan on posting daily quotes, advice, and methods for your personal growth and well-being.

P.S All of this information can be found in the menu above under the blog’s drop down menu.

“Courage above Fear”


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