Practicing a Positive Inner Voice

Hello Girl Bosses! Todays Well-Being check is about practicing a positive inner voice. As women we are automatically programed to judge who we are and change it so that it benefits the world aka society, aka men. The standards of being a women are almost impossible and the constant reminder diminishes our self-love and self-image. We as women can fight back to these standards and judgements by practicing our own positivity towards who we are and our bodies. Once we claim who we are and share that our differences make us stronger, we will start to change the world one woman at a time.

No one likes to be yelled at, criticized, judged. Now what if someone was doing that to you for hours. What if someone was badgering you with negativity and yelling at you for things you are doing and things that you can not control about yourself, for years. Wouldn’t that make you question whether or not you are worthy or loved. The worst and most controllable pain comes from one person alone, you. It is time that we start healing.

Maybe your inner voice didn’t start as internal but resinated from all of the external messages that you kept receiving from people around you.

The only way that we can address these voices is to become aware of when we are talking to ourselves in a destructive way. The way that we talk to ourselves affects us in every aspects of our human lives. Destructive voices can hinder our relationships, our ability to succeed, and to forgive ourselves for our mistakes.

” You have the choice to be friend yourself or to continue the war”

BRING IT : Bring the willingness, bring the effort, bring the positive attitude, bring the acceptance that you won’t get it right every time, bring your attention.

START A CONVERSATION: Start to talk to yourself about all of your strength and accomplishments. Acknowledge what you are doing well, forgive yourself, and go easy on yourself. Encourage yourself to do what you and I know that you can do.

WATCH YOUR TONE AND LANGUAGE: Use gentle words, lose labels, judgements, and expectations. Speak with a voice that you can be friends with.


– With the help of BE HAPPY by Dr.Rebecca Ray


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