How to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle : Dangers of the Dining Halls

Hello Girl Bosses! When I was a freshman I know I at least went to the dining hall four to five times a day. I personally was a very healthy person, no more like a health freak when I was in high school. So going to college I tried my hardest to stay healthy and eat healthy food. This as most of you either know or will soon know, there is limited healthy food in a dining hall, and packed with pizza, burgers and fries. I ended up gaining my freshman 15 rather quickly after the first semester I spent on campus. I was able to lose it all that summer by going back to my healthy ways and being active. Then my sophomore year I learned all of the tricks, routines, and ways to stay healthy and active. Here are some tips to stay healthy in college, and do’s and don’ts of the dining hall.


All schools should have a salad and a fruit bar TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THEM! It is important to make sure that you are still getting the nutrients that you need from fruits and vegetables. For breakfast you can incorporate a couple of pieces of fruit whether with your eggs, oatmeal, or bagels.


I am a huge fan of dessert and this was my main problem when I went to the dining halls. My go to was always an ice cream cone and chocolate cake. I suggest that you have either a proper serving of desert, or only eat desert a couple times a week instead of everyday. A health option: Yogurt with Fruit and whipped cream !


There are a lot of options at the dining hall MIX IT UP. If there is plain pasta, cooked broccoli and chicken you can make a nice pasta dinner.


This is a very important part of staying healthy. I for the longest time never drank water, I feel like this harmed my health, diminished my energy, and I of course gained weight from all of the other teas and sodas I was drinking. I know drink 2-3 Liters of water a day, my skin cleared up, I need less sleep, I have more energy, and my weight is in a healthy spot.


I always went to the dining hall right before they closed to grab a snack. This is harmful because most late night snack are not healthy choices, and it is harder for your body to metabolize the calories in your sleep.


The first station you might see is the one with pizza, burgers and fries. I suggest walking through the entire dining hall to see what other options there are before you make a decision. You may choose to have a heathy protein and veggie packed wrap to help you get through your day instead.


Instead of a Bagel try Wheat Toast

Instead of Fruit Juices try Fruit Water

Instead of Butter Toast try Avocado Toast

Instead of a Unhealthy Dessert try Dark Chocolate

Instead of White Rice try Quinoa

Instead of Mashed Potatoes try Mashed Cauliflower

Instead of French Fries try Sweet Potatoe Fries

Instead of Chips try Dried Fruits and Veggies

It is okay to eat unhealthy foods sometimes, just make sure to balance it with healthy options as well!


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