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Personal Growth Prompt Day 2: Gratefulness

Hello Girl Bosses! Sometimes we lose track of what is really important to us and what we should really be grateful for. We forget over the years how fortunate some of us are and we still expect more and more. It is very detrimental to someones personal growth when we lose sight of what we…

Personal Growth Journal Prompt Day 1: Letting Go

Hello Girl Bosses! For today’s personal growth and well-being check I have decided to use a Journal Prompt to help us. In life, I have noticed that every time I had a moment of personal growth It involved letting something go. Learning how to let things go can be very difficult and throughout the process…

Practicing Feeling Good Enough

” The only one who gets to decide your worth is you!”‘ Hello Girl Bosses! Everyone in their life time goes through a period of time where they don’t think that they are good enough, or people make them feel that they are not good enough. Society wiggles its way into our lives and we…


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